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Freight Forwarder

Shippers want to be able to offer the desired offer and loading options quickly and at any time. This is independent of your geographical location, time difference, holidays or weekend. We at offer all these options at 7/24. The transporters have the possibility on our platform to enter their offers for the certain relations in an offer matrix. As a rule, the search engine can list different offer structures and enables the shipper to compare the offers well and clearly. At the same time, the forwarding agent remains flexible when submitting his offer, as these are only offers. The search engine automatically checks whether the offers are plausible. In addition, any number of offers can be stored by the forwarder and immediately evaluated during the query. Due to many possibilities, different starting situations and offers can be calculated immediately and anew.

An example: The shipper "Goncalves Fruits" from Spain has weekly shipments from Turkey (Istanbul) to DE-Munich. Since Goncalves Fruits neither knows the Turkish entrepreneurs nor has the time to search for the right forwarder, he makes an offer on

Loading: TR- Istanbul Delivery: DE-Munich 3 Pal. 120x80x160 cm Total 900 kg.

The search engine automatically checks possible carriers for the desired requirements in a few seconds, various offers and options. With a few clicks and in a few seconds, the shipper finds a suitable offer and a transport company for him. The carrier who had deposited his prices on has thus won a customer from Spain and the Spanish shipper a suitable contractor. If the carrier were not represented on with his freight offers, the chance that these two partners would find each other would be extremely small. Thus we connect carriers with shippers in a few seconds.