The easiest way to ship your package


With the platform it is possible for clients to request transport offers from several forwarders at the same time and with daily updated prices. The shipper then simply selects the most suitable offer from all the offers displayed and contacts the suitable carrier directly via the platform.

How it works:

The carriers deposit their offers for certain routes on our platform in advance and are therefore not necessarily bound to times of day or holidays. There, the shipper can make or compare transport enquiries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Thus provides for a fresh new wind with the daily work. The shipper can finally concentrate on his main task instead of sending annoying freight enquiries by email to the usual carriers and has to wait for hours for their offers.

Our added value contributes significantly to the digital development of the transport industry. For shippers, this means significant time savings and high process optimisation within a few seconds.