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Logistics definition and the 6 R

Published 11 Dec 2021

Logistics definition and the 6 R

Logistics definition and the 6 R

The tasks of logistics and the logistician are represented memorably with the famous 6 R. The 6 Rs of logistics are the so-called "six correct ones":

1. the right products

2. in the right quality

3. with the right amount

4. in the right place

5. at the right time

6. With the right cost

The core task of logistics is thus in a nutshell. The 6 Rs show impressively that the task of logistics consists in making goods available.

So logistics is about making goods available. The 6 Rs show which aspects have to run correctly for a logistical task to be completed successfully.

These additional criteria include quantity and costs, which the 6 R then established as core elements of logistics.

An «R» that is changing the logistics industry

However, it is precisely in this small and insignificant addition that experts see the essence of modern logistics. The point is to direct the fundamental view of the product to the customer and thereby take on a new perspective. The focus must be on capturing the target group as best as possible and fully fulfilling their wishes. The entire process chain must therefore be adapted to the customer. In logistics, this is also referred to as “internal customer orientation”. It is also important to think outside the box and identify new market opportunities in logistics at an early stage before the company is overrun by the competition. Because these new markets are sprouting up all over the world in our digitalized and technologized times. Ultimately, the classic “six Rs” in logistics still have their right to exist, but the value and supply chains still have to be completely rethought and revolutionized. Even the "seven Rs" are just the beginning ...

From the 6 R to the 7 R

Occasionally one reads or hears about the 7 Rs in logistics. "The right customer" is often named as the seventh R.

The 7 R in logistics

The "seven Rs of logistics" describe the main goals of this corporate division. They emerged from lean manufacturing and Industry 4.0 and are constantly developing. Each of the seven Rs stands for a logistical aspect that has to work properly (right, hence the R) to streamline the organization and save costs.

 So must

1. the right product

2. in the right quality or the right condition

3. at the right time

4. at the right recipient or the right place

be available. These were the four basic elements of logistics that formed the basis at the beginning of the millennium. Over time, other aspects were added, namely

- the right amounts,

- the correct information and

- the right cost.