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European Transport Award For Sustainability (ETPN) 2022

Published 20 Jun 2021

European Transport Award For Sustainability (ETPN) 2022

European Transport Award For Sustainability (ETPN) 2022

Sustainable Transport

The topic of "sustainable transport" is becoming increasingly important from an economic, ecological and also image-building perspective. Despite a 40 percent increase in road freight transport over the last 20 years, emissions have been reduced by 60 percent at the same time.

This has been made possible by the development of technically efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles, by avoiding empty runs with the help of computer-aided route planning, by optimising the degree of loading, the use of lightweight materials and the improvement of vehicle equipment with, for example, communication and navigation devices as well as quiet tyres with optimised rolling resistance.

In the future, the use of alternative drive systems will also gain importance in certain transport segments for "sustainable transport". In order to affirm and promote these remarkable developments and successes of the supplier, partner and manufacturing companies of the commercial vehicle industry with regard to further sustainable products, the freight transport newspaper TRANSPORT awards the "European Transport Award for Sustainability" for outstanding sustainable achievements within the commercial vehicle industry.

What Is The European Transport Award For Sustainability (ETPN)?

The newspaper TRANSPORT, published by the Munich-based HUSS-VERLAG, is awarding the European Transport Award for Sustainability (ETPN) for the sixth time this year.

This prize is intended to encourage companies from the transport and commercial vehicle industry to act sustainably, to support their strategies in this area and to help to anchor the principles of sustainable development even better. It is intended to show that responsible and sustainable action not only helps to solve social and environmental problems on a global scale, but also increases profitability and competitiveness for the companies.

Who Can Apply For This Award?

The competition is open to any company - regardless of size or turnover - from Germany or abroad that offers and implements products and/or services within the commercial vehicle sector. Applications can relate to individual products, services, projects, studies and initiatives that stand for sustainability.

Companies from the commercial vehicle industry that combine economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection in a way worthy of distinction - and whose sustainable actions lead to further growth and prosperity - can apply for this award.

In Which Categories Will The Competition Be Held This Year?

At the 2020 European Transport Sustainability Awards, companies were honoured in 15 categories. The winners demonstrate that responsible and sustainable practices help to solve social and environmental problems, thereby increasing profitability and competitiveness for the companies.

This year, companies can apply in the following 16 categories:

1. Assistance systems (e.g. braking, lane-keeping, reversing, turning assistants).

2. Trailers and bodies(e.g. aerodynamically optimised bodies, new materials)

3. Concept trucks (studies, prototypes, idea carriers)

4. Electrified trucks(7.5 t to 40 t GGV, conversions, retrofits)

5. E-trucks ex works (e- or hybrid truck factory solutions available for purchase or in customer trials, 7.5 to 40 t GG)

6. Gas trucks (CNG and LNG drive, also H2 direct combustion)

7. Components and aggregates (e.g. transmissions, axles, axle concepts, pumps, servos, hydraulics)

8. Mobility concepts and initiatives (e.g. new ways of transport, transhipment, logistics)

9. Cooling and heating (e.g. heat pumps, recovery, CO2 cooling, air conditioners, cooling media)

10. Trucks (standard trucks, diesel engine drive)

11. Tyres and tyre peripherals (innovations around the tyre)

12. Semi-trailers(innovative trailers)

13. Parts and accessories (e.g. add-on or built-in parts, load securing, aerodynamics)

14. Telematics(e.g. innovative fleet monitoring, data transfer, service on demand, uptime programmes)

15. Vans and delivery vans (electric and conventional drives, up to max. 7.5 t GG)

16. Rental, leasing, financing, service contracts(innovative concepts, e.g. battery leasing, charging stations)

Special Awards For Transporters, Freight Forwarders And CEP-Services

In addition to the main competition, special prizes will also be awarded for transport companies and freight forwarders as well as for courier, express and parcel services. The special prize recognises companies for their special commitment in the areas of environmental protection and social responsibility.

When And Where Can Participants Apply?

The European Transport Sustainability Award 2022 will be awarded again in 2021. The application period started on 8 June 2021 and ends on 31 August 2021.

To officially apply to the ETPN 2022 with your project / product, you need to fill in the form on or Please note that you must also finally submit the form after completion, as only then your application data will be received. The information cannot be saved temporarily. You will be redirected to the home page after successful saving and will see a confirmation message below the first three news items.

When Will The Winners Be Announced?

The submitted applications will be evaluated by an independent jury of experts according to a points system. The jury consists of well-known personalities from business, science, associations and the media with profound knowledge of the commercial vehicle industry.

One winner will be selected for each category. The winners of the ETPN 2022 and the companies awarded the special prizes will be honoured at an award ceremony on 18 November 2021 in Munich.

We wish the participants good luck in advance!