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E-commerce: Everything you need to know

Published 01 Dec 2020

E-commerce: Everything you need to know

E-commerce: Everything you need to know

What is e-commerce?

Electronic commerce or shortly e-commerce is a concept that arose after the increase use of the internet after 1995. It is about doing commerce on a digital platform. E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the activity of electronically buying or selling of products on online services or over the internet. It is a method of purchase that enables you to use different paying options to buy or sell products online. It is also possible to advertise products and services through e-commerce.

Many corporations have gone beyond merely selling to a specific location and have started to include e-commerce in their processes as well as traditional marketing and sales activities. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, it is very advantageous. Thanks to e-commerce, these corporations can reach many more customers, which they cannot do in the traditional way. E-commerce can be preferred by both those with and without physical stores.

The aim of e-commerce

Primary goals of e-commerce are fast delivery and service to the customer, to take order easily and quickly and to ensure security in the payment process. Also, e-commerce aims to increase the customer portfolio of companies. In conventional circumstances the process of becoming a brand took approximately 10 years. Today with the new methods of e-commerce this duration decreased to 2 years. Tens of e-commerce companies founded just a few years ago are placed in the list of “Biggest 500 companies in the world”. So, the aim of e-commerce also includes an easier process of becoming a brand and fasten the growth rate of a company.

Types of e-commerce

B2B (Business To Business) : Goods and services are provided from business to business.

B2C (Business To Customer): Goods and services are provided from businesses to customers.

Frachtbox provides services to customers and is therefore in the B2B type.

The advantages of e-commerce

The advantages of e-commerce can be examined from the sellers and customers point of view.

Advantages of the seller:

Advantages of the customer:

How to carry out e-commerce?

E-commerce has different requirements and steps. First you should decide on what products you want to sell and in what sector you want to serve. If you are planning to move your already existing work to the internet you can skip this step. In this case your sector and product are already clear. But if you plan to build an e-commerce site from scratch you should first decide on your sector and on the products.

Your website should have a domain name and a server. The domain is the name of your company on the web. The server is a service you use to build your website and store your data.

As in the conventional commerce, also in e-commerce you need to bill your products. That is why you need to establish a company.

Safety is an important concept in e-commerce. If your website is secure and its infrastructure is solid, these will help your business survive in the long run.

As in all businesses also e-commerce demands a capital. This capital will be used for domain costs, server costs, establishment of the company, monthly taxes, if used an office then office expenses and salary of the employees, coding costs and logistics costs.

You should calculate shipping costs of your products in advance. For example, if you want to use Turkey-Italy or Switzerland-Germany route, you must investigate in advance the costs will occur. For this, you can visit, compare thousands of offers and contact the carriers directly. In addition, you may connect with domestic and foreign customs agencies registered in the system and resolve your transactions easily.

To develop your business, increase your sales, reach new audiences, you should work on it intensively, follow sectoral innovations and keep up, in short, you should make effort. Otherwise, your situation will not be different from opening a shop on a street where no one passes. To prevent this, you should carry out advertising and marketing activities. Nowadays, especially social media is a very suitable area to reach potential customers through advertising.

As a result, considering the above-mentioned recommendations while entering e-commerce will help you on the road to success.