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Cosmetics Transport: It Can't Work Without Temperature Control

Published 07 Apr 2021

Cosmetics Transport: It Can't Work Without Temperature Control

Covid-19 Has Turned The Cosmetics Industry And All Cosmetics Logistics Upside Down

The demand for cosmetics has been falling for a year. Hair products, sunscreens and perfumes cannot sell like before. The reason: millions of FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) customers are trapped at home. Women, men, typical customers for cosmetic products have less use for makeup, hair gel or perfume. Perhaps there is even less bathing, showering and washing because the sports facilities and swimming pools have been closed.


Cosmetics Logistics As A Double Challenge

The supply chain from cosmetics manufacturer to drugstore and to FMCG customer is defined as cosmetics logistics. The demand for cosmetic products reduces the demand for cosmetics transport. Beauty salons and barbershops have likewise generated less demand for cosmetic products. Purchases of cosmetics for holidays, keyword UV protection, have dropped sharply. That is why cosmetics logistics are doing poorly. The double challenge stems from the declining demand from FMCG customers and the high demands in cosmetics logistics.

Cosmetics are made from raw materials that come from nature. Already at the beginning of this supply chain, it is important that the components are delivered under suitable conditions in cosmetics logistics. The cosmetics ingredients are very sensitive to temperature changes. Therefore, the requirements in cosmetics logistics are as strict as for the transport of pharmaceuticals or meat. In temperature-controlled cosmetics transports, temperature control is paramount. The ideal refrigerated logistics in summer should be able to maintain a so-called room temperature between 20 and 25 °C for cosmetics logistics with a suitable refrigeration unit. In winter, the loading area is heated to the desired temperature and reacts to any change in temperature even when the cosmetics transport is at a standstill. That is why it is so important to organise cosmetics transports with the right refrigerated logistics.


What Can Happen Without Tempered Cosmetics Transport

Cosmetics are transported under difficult conditions. To minimise the health risk, cosmetics transports for temperature-controlled cosmetics must be carried out at so-called room temperature.

The use of cosmetics that were not transported at temperature-controlled transports can nevertheless cause various skin changes. When overheated, fat is secreted and bacteria multiply. This can cause fungal infections, among other things. Many cosmetics can also lose their quality due to insufficient humidity and UV radiation. Due to incorrectly tempered cosmetics transport, fragrances are lost or smell unpleasant.


Cosmetics Logistics Also Pose High Challenges For The Cosmetics Manufacturer

Of course, suitable transport packaging can maintain the controlled temperature over a longer period of time. The way the packaging is secured in cosmetics logistics is also important to ensure that the product arrives intact. Just as with food, storage instructions are placed on the product. Since the storage of cosmetics is very important, some of them are in dark bottles made of glass or plastic. Such packaging not only protects the cosmetics from UV rays, but also from sudden temperature changes. In the extreme case of lack of temperature-controlled cosmetics transport, cosmetics may become unsuitable for use.


Choosing A Reliable Cosmetics Transporter Is Child's Play With Frachtbox

Cosmetics logistics is not comparable to food logistics, where, for example, palletised cans of peas are loaded to FMCG customers. Even though these pallets of pea cans are mapped with an automated truck loading system, cosmetics warehouses are secured facilities. Pallets of cosmetic products can cost up to 100,000 EUR. There, the cosmetics pallet is especially tracked. Tracking of cosmetics shipments must be required by the cosmetics manufacturer as the highest level of security. Moreover, cosmetic products are often counterfeited and even more often stolen. Therefore, sensible cosmetics logistics is a must. This means that special features must be installed in the cosmetics warehouse to prevent shrinkage, without of course having to talk about it out loud. Cosmetics logistics are therefore left to the best contract logistics specialists.

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