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25th November International Day for the Elimination for Violence against Women

Published 01 Dec 2020

25th November International Day for the Elimination for Violence against Women

25th November International Day for the Elimination for Violence against Women

The meaning of November the 25th


Today is about women. Today is the “International Day for the Elimination for Violence against Women”. The reason why this important day is scheduled on the 25th of November goes back to a violent murder in Dominican Republic in 1960. Patria, Minerva and Maria Mirabel were three sisters who opposed the dictatorship. However, they were murdered brutally. Why? Just because they wanted to express their views! In 1981 the "Council of Hispanic Women" gathered in the Dominican Republic and declared the 25th of November as the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women”. In 1985 the United Nations acknowledged this day to be an official international day.

The types of violence

This special day is not only to remember the tragedy that happened to the Mirabel sisters but also to say “STOP” to all the physical and psychological violence against women all around the world. We should not ignore the many women murders happening all the time. Moreover, violence is not just “killing” or “beating”. Violence has many dimensions and should not be done against women, men, children, the elderly or animals. Violence is a terrible behavior that does not suit the humankind at all.

The types of violence can be listed as followed:

Emotional (psychological) Violence

It occurs when the emotions or emotional needs of someone are constantly abused. This can include pressure, insult, punishment and rage.

Verbal Violence

It is the use of a certain speech and behavior to frighten, punish or control someone.

Economic Violence

Is the use of economic sources to threaten or control the other.

Physical Violence

It is the use of brute force to frighten and control someone. This is the most common type of violence within families.

Did you know?

1 in 3 women experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, most frequently by an intimate partner.

Worldwide, almost 750 million women were married before their 18th birthday.

1 in 2 women killed worldwide in 2017 were killed by their partners or family, while only 1 out of 20 men were killed under similar circumstances.

71% of all human trafficking victims worldwide are women.

These statistics are maybe the most shocking ones and most of the readers are going to think: “Well this sort of things never happen to me.” But unfortunately abuse and violence can happen to every woman. This is why it is important to increase awareness and say “STOP” to violence.

What can we do?

We know what the problem is. But what can we do? This is hard to answer because violence is a complex individual and social matter. The important thing is not to remain silent and teach children from a young age that violence in any form is wrong. These children will one day become the adults that shape the society.

If you are abused, do not remain silent! Consult the nearest authorized institution and share your problems. If there are people you know who are abused, again consult an authorized institution. Together we are strong! In this way we can solve this problem together.

Discrimination in the workplace

Even though there are female scientists, CEOs or sportswomen of whom we are proud, there are also many women who do not get into positions although they deserve them, because of the lack of gender equality. This lack of opportunity can also be considered as a sort of violence. Women still get paid less. It is harder for women to get a promotion. There are a lot less women in administrative positions than men. No matter how much work has been done on these issues, there is still a long way to go for an equal world. Still, every small contribution is a step towards success. Frachtbox announces proudly that 60% of our employees are women. We do everything we can to avoid the “glass ceiling” for women in their business life.

We as the Frachtbox family say: “STOP” to violence of any kind!