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2021: how was it?

Published 29 Dec 2021

2021: how was it?

2021: how was it?

Since we are all exhausted and exhausted from the coronavirus in 2020, we wanted to be healthier this year. We had a lot of question marks in our minds about what the new normal will look like and how vaccination will progress. There have been many events in the industry that have been canceled, postponed to later years, or organized online. It would not be an exaggeration to say that 2020 is like a “ghost” for all of us, both in our personal and business lives.

With vaccines developing in 2021 and vaccination starting in many parts of the world, we were hopeful. In fact, compared to 2020, we can say that we are breathing a sigh of relief in the world that is slowly opening up. Although some events, fairs, training, and competitions were organized online as a precaution, there were organizations where physical participation was possible. We actively participated in these events in two ways.

As a Frachtbox family that has dedicated itself to digital solutions as a mission and vision, we adjusted to online projects during the coronavirus process in which we fully understand the importance of the digital. We met you more often on our social media accounts, increased the number of our blogs, and started to communicate developments to you more quickly. We also organized various webinars and tried to network more closely with young people. While we did all of this, we didn't hesitate to take part in online training courses and events to help us improve. Let's look at what we did =)


Freight crate meets with university students live broadcast series

As Frachtbox we know how important it is to be a young and dynamic team. In our family, we give priority and opportunity to the deceased. We value learning new things from them, just as we want to give them experience through internships. Through this exchange with young people, we have recognized that students, in particular, are asking about start-up business models and supraregional companies like us. We wanted to reach students, give them suggestions and give them the best possible support in shaping their careers. Because of this

We met with students from different cities in Turkey (Yeditepe University from Istanbul, Bursa Technical University from Bursa, and Bilkent University from Ankara) to organize a live broadcast series. With the joint live broadcasts that we made on our Instagram account, we reached students in various cities in Turkey and discussed topics such as digital transformation, e-logistics, and the structure of start-up companies in the industry. We have crowned these publications with a special publication for Entrepreneurship Week. By organizing a publication in which we talk about the world of entrepreneurship, we gave one of the participants the opportunity to do an internship in our company.


Social media project: Cargobox career

Thanks to the young people in our team, as mentioned above, we knew the students' curiosity about companies in the Frachtbox structure. Before we started the live broadcasts, we wanted to reflect on the warmth of the Frachtbox family and give them further ideas without wasting time. We have created a Frachtbox career mail series through our social media accounts. We started our social media project in the last days of 2020 and continued until 2021. We conveyed the hobbies of our employees and interns, their compatibility, and their experiences in a start-up company firsthand. We are happy if we have made a contribution for university students and new students =)


Events, fairs, and competitions in which we participate

We keep a close eye on developments in the logistics and IT industries. You and our blog readers know that because we share all developments, trade fairs, events, and similar news with you immediately. Would we miss it, there have been many events this year that we have attended both online and physically =)

We took place online at Transportlogistic 2021, one of the world's leading logistics, mobility and trade fairs.

We personally attended the CNR Furniture Istanbul International Fair, one of the leading trade shows for the furniture industry.



We got to know Expinno in the live broadcast that we moderated as part of the online market research in an export event, and we did an informative program on foreign trade.

We took part in, one of the most important start-up competitions in Switzerland.

T. C. We also participated in DigiKamp, a new generation technology contest program where the Department of Commerce expects technology entrepreneurs to provide valuable solutions to help companies overcome difficulties in their trading processes. We also received our award, but we'll explain that in the next paragraphs =)


We in the press

Our Turkey manager Merve Öztiryaki wrote an article about the logistics industry in the digitizing world for the first issue of Logistics Business Magazine. He wrote about what the logistics industry might encounter in the future, even for those who have not read it, let's leave the article here: