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About us

Many shippers are searching for the right transport partner in the dark. As a rule, the well-known house transport partners are initially searched for with the old methods such as email. Offers requested and then reluctantly commissioned. Even if this does not necessarily meet the shipper's requirements with regard to prices, duration and quality.

A comparison based on market transport prices is therefore hardly possible for the shipper. For smaller companies, this can often lead to financial difficulties. A freight search engine like Frachtbox.com can often help to simplify the selection process for the right carrier. This search engine focuses on transparency, quality and value added services.

The transporters have the possibility to enter their offers for the specific routes into a matrix of offers on our platform. As a rule, the search engine can list different offer structures and enables the shipper to compare the offers well and clearly. At the same time, the forwarding agent remains flexible when submitting his offer.

The search engine automatically checks whether the offers are plausible. In addition, any number of offers can be stored by the forwarder and evaluated immediately during the query. Due to many Possibilities, different starting situations and offers can be calculated.

This is because shippers want to be able to compare transport prices and additional services as well and as quickly as possible. This is often at the expense of time and money. With our Platform Frachtbox.com the shipper has the possibility to find the right transport partner everywhere in Europe and Asia with one click.

The digitalization has already started yesterday...