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What is Part Cargo? and What are its Advantages?

Published 27 Apr 2022

What is Part Cargo? and What are its Advantages?

Part Cargo and Part Cargo Advantages

The transportation system is basically based on the transfer of the shipment from one place to another. It is of primary importance that the shipment transported during this transportation system is delivered safely. It is also desirable that the cost of this shipment be economical. In summary; economical and secure shipping at less cost is very valuable for retail sales. Another important issue is that transportation can be provided efficiently and quickly. Companies are obliged to rent the entire vehicle to transport their shipments, especially for large tonnage shipments. However, if the shipment is not large in size, there is no need to rent the entire vehicle. There is an alternative method offered by courier companies for small tonnage shipments. With this method, while shipments are transported more economically, it also offers many advantages. At this point, the subject of part cargo comes to the fore. By reading the rest of the article, you can examine the part cargo system in all detail and find answers to your questions.

What is Part Cargo?

Transport companies are developing different methods day by day over issues such as safety, cost and seriality during the transportation of the cargoes of the companies. The safe delivery of the shipments to the dispatch centre and the low cost are among the reasons for the development of these methods. It is very important in terms of cost that the shipping company prefers the part cargo system instead of renting a large vehicle when the products are of small tonnage. With the part cargo system, the shipments are delivered to the centres in an economical way.


So what is a part cargo and how does it work?

Part cargo, as the name suggests, is a part cargo or partial transportation system. It is a system developed to transport the deliveries of different companies with a single-vehicle. For example, for small tonnage shipments, more than one company can prepare their shipments for shipment in a more economical way with combined cargo transportation instead of renting one transportation vehicle. The containers, trucks, trucks and wagons used in these deliveries work with the part cargo system. The system of having more than one company or individual shipment in a vehicle and providing all these shipments with a single vehicle is a part cargo system. Companies whose shipments are transported can share the cost with the part cargo system, and thus an economical shipment can be possible. For these reasons, the part cargo system is among the most preferred methods in the world. Transportation of cargo by land, sea or air varies according to the preferences of the companies. Part cargo system is valid for all transportation methods. Companies decide how to transport by considering security, speed and cost issues.

Part Cargo Advantages

We can list the advantages of the part cargo system as follows:

a- Part Cargo visibly reduces the cost that will arise due to the fact that more than one company hires a common transport vehicle and sends their goods by this vehicle.

b- Since the routes of the goods sent in the Part Cargo system are always the same, time is also saved. Since the shipment goes quickly and without transfer, it reaches its destination very quickly.

c- The companies that own the goods can check the status of their goods whenever they want, thanks to their security codes or contact numbers.

d- Part Cargo system, loading and unloading of the goods from the vehicle is done very quickly.

Part cargo is a very low cost, fast and reliable transportation system, as can be understood from the items above. In the Part Cargo system, when several companies come together and issue a vehicle, it is also very helpful in reducing the carbon footprint.


What is Considered in Part Cargo Transportation?

Since the products of more than one company are transported in the same vehicle in Part Cargo type transportation, some issues should be considered. We can list the items that need attention as follows:

a- Checking that the required documents and documents are complete before the products are loaded into the vehicle in Part Cargo transportation.

b- It is important to unload the transported products in the stacking order while loading and unloading so that they do not mix with the products of other companies.

c- Care should be taken in the packaging of the products

d- Again, labelling should be done carefully in order to prevent the products from mixing with the products of other companies.

e- It is necessary to stack the heavy loads at the bottom of the vehicle and the light ones at the top.

f- Invoices of the products should be recorded and kept.

If these clauses are fully implemented, the Part Cargo service will work perfectly.