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What is Database Marketing?

Published 04 Jun 2022

What is Database Marketing?

What is Database Marketing?

Today, everything goes digital and somehow undergoes digital transformation. Beyond business processes, business models themselves keep up with this digitalization. All of this brings data to the fore. In our blog today, we will talk about database marketing, which is closely related to our business model as Frachtbox. Database marketing is also called database marketing or data marketing. It means the systematic collection, screening, and processing of relevant customer data available in companies' databases. When you define it like this, it actually sounds like data mining, but database marketing focuses directly on communication with customers. It is separated from processes such as data mining for this purpose. In summary, although the process is similar, the purpose is different. Let's go a little deeper and give an example through companies. For example, Frachtbox… As an online freight search engine, we have an online platform-based business model. Companies like ours have relevant data in their systems that include their customers' information. This is where database marketing comes into play. Even after work, it focuses on how customers can stay in touch with customers and provide other services using this information.


What are Database Marketing Models?

This topic can be examined under two different headings, consumer-based and business-based, according to their target audience. While consumer information used in consumer-based database marketing processes covers the data of existing and potential customers, businesses that are mostly B2B activities become the focus of consumer-based processes. Here, data inputs are mostly derived from the company's own sales, its own marketing activities, and direct interactions with the consumer. It is possible to show this distinction as the main reason why business-based databases appear to be more limited than consumer-based databases.


Why is Database Marketing Important?

Research shows that selling to a new customer is almost 7 times more difficult than selling to an old customer. From this point of view, we see how important it is to stay in touch with customers. As it becomes easier to do this thanks to the developing opportunities, we are witnessing that this term has started to gain importance -of course-. Thus, it is impossible not to see how important database marketing, which provides both the continuity and diversity of the service, is in today's world.