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Logistics Hall of Fame

Published 22 Jun 2022

Logistics Hall of Fame

Logistics Hall of Fame


What is the Logistics Hall of Fame?

We can explain what a Logistics Hall of Fame is in two ways. The first is the digital celebrity platform that unites many personalities, some of which are historical. The second is a current competition that annually seeks and honors the current heroes of logistics and supply chain management. On this occasion, respected and pioneering names from the industry came together. The Logistics Hall of Fame, a worldwide platform, documents milestones in the evolution of logistics and supply chain management. It does this by presenting a list of the leading names behind the most important logistics companies, initiatives, inventions, and research. Such a system, namely the Logistics Hall of Fame, also underlines the great importance of logistics in the economy and sociologically society. While doing this, it wants to announce the innovative power of logistics to the public and contribute to the competitiveness and reputation of the logistics industry. As a non-profit initiative, the Logistics Hall of Fame is supported by politics, associations, media, business, and science.


Whose Idea Was the Logistics Hall of Fame?

This idea belongs to Anita Würmser, the long-time editor-in-chief of logistics trade press like LOGISTIK Heute. It was started by him on September 18, 2003.


Names in the Logistics Hall of Fame

For example DB Schenker… He turns 150 this year! Gottfried Schenker (1842 - 1901) was more than the founder of one of the most successful logistics companies in the world. He was also a visionary who changed the world of transportation and logistics with his invention of rail consolidation. The founders of the international postal service such as Franz von Taxis, Johann Baptista von Taxis, and Logistics researcher Michael on Hompel are among the names at the top of the list.


Meanwhile, the Logistics Hall of Fame continues to seek new names, and this list is constantly being updated.