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Humanitarian logistics network for Ukraine

Published 01 Jun 2022

Humanitarian logistics network for Ukraine

Humanitarian logistics network for Ukraine

At the height of the Ukraine war, most logistics companies took steps as a lesson. In fact, it made everyone say that what we read, see, write and talk about it enough, it's time to act. Citizens, non-governmental organizations, and governments from all over Europe collected donations and relief materials for people in Ukraine. Fast and effortless transportation was required in order for the collected aid to reach the target location safely and unharmed. At this point, most companies took action.

Let's see what happened:

Logistics companies created their own networks and created a humanitarian hotline.

Everyone who called this hotline was given a location and aid packages included food, baby food, blankets, water, bedding, textiles, hygiene, and medical supplies.

In March, most Logistics companies carry your Aid materials to Ukraine from their websites! Shared the announcements.

They carried out this process with such meticulousness that they shared what people would need and what should be paid attention to under their announcements.


“Meaningful donations

In particular, donations are collected in crisis regions in Poland and Ukraine. According to the experts there, these are blankets and warm clothing such as gloves, thick socks, thermal underwear, or jackets. There is also a need for medical products such as bandages and first aid kits. Long-lasting foods such as canned goods, pasta, or rice are also beneficial. Other needs may include hygiene and baby items such as diapers and rechargeable power banks.

But be careful: We ask that you don't make donations such as casual clothing, children's toys, fresh food, or electrical equipment. Especially in crisis regions, goods that are needed quickly and urgently are of priority.”


In fact, while writing this article today, we see the painful but beautiful aspects of being human and protecting humanity.

I would like to share with you the headlines that I come across on most news channels or e-bulletins.


“67 trucks of humanitarian aid and 1 mobile kitchen truck were sent to Ukraine”


“Since March 2, the first trucks have been on their way to Ukraine with dry food and hygiene products from wholesalers and food companies in Mannheim and the Rhine-Main region.”


“Collection points in Cologne, Hanover and Munich”


“AFAD: 43 humanitarian aid trucks have been sent to Ukraine so far”


We wish for a future where such help will not be needed and such articles will not be written...