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How To Find A Customs Agency?

Published 18 Dec 2020

How To Find A Customs Agency?

How To Find A Customs Agency?


What does a customs agent do?

All companies interested in import or export are obliged to perform the necessary operations in accordance with customs legislation. It is very important for the safety and reputation of the company to carry out all transactions that will be carried out in accordance with the legislation, as well as in the necessary regulations related to the product that will be exported or imported. In this context, customs brokers follow up and conclude activities related to the processing or use of goods approved by customs through indirect representation.


How can I find a customs agent?

Finding a customs agent can become quite a difficult process. The most advantageous way would be to communicate with agents after doing a detailed research on the internet. But there are so many options, that it can be difficult to decide and extract the best ones.


Did you know that Frachtbox also offers a customs broker search service? We try to make finding a customs agent much easier and faster. For this purpose we have put together a large number of customs brokers on our platform. We recommend that you visit also for your customs clearance needs and check our “Find Customs Agent” tab to make your customs procedures smooth. You may filter agents by entering country, city and category. In this way you can complete your research in much less time, listing only those that match your requirements. After filtering, you can access the company's website and postal address, information on authorized persons, phone numbers, email addresses and contact them directly.


What should you consider while choosing a customs agent?

One of the most important criteria when choosing a customs agent is that the agent already has experience with the country you will be sending your products to and is familiar with that country's customs regulations.


A good customs broker’s successful referral will help you make your transactions accurate and complete, use your time properly and return all this to you as a profit. For this reason, there are some points to consider when choosing a customs company.


Speed: Customs agents receive the power of attorney from customs in order to get the goods as fast as possible from the customs. Many companies also expect a fast process, because a waste of time equals a waste of money. You can test a customs agency in order to see if they are working fast enough.


Price: Customs brokers are interested in the annual volume of foreign trade and the number of annual declarations of the companies they will start working with. According to these criteria, they give you a proposal. The size of your export trade volume, the multiplicity of your declaration number increases your chances of getting a good price. At the same time, having a trustable company also plays an important role in getting a good offer.


Trust: Trusting in the customs firm is very important. Long-term work and the creation of a certain order should be your primary goal. However, trying different agents or working with more than one agent may be advantageous in terms of comparing service and prices.


Service: It is important that the customs brokerage firm is corporate, managed with an integrated management system, has reached a standard quality, serves at the customs offices and in destinations you prefer, has a wide branch network and provides different services such as warehouses and couriers outside of customs clearance. It will be more advantageous for you to make a choice with these criteria in mind.


Finding a customs service provider can be quite difficult and stressful. However, with good research in the right place, it is easier to find agents that meet your requirements.