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How Does The Corona Crisis Influence The Logistics Sector In The EU?

Published 21 Oct 2020

How Does The Corona Crisis Influence The Logistics Sector In The EU?

How Does The Corona Crisis Influence The Logistics Sector In The EU?

The Coronavirus has the global economy under control since March. The most business sectors were severely influenced by this crisis and are going to continue to have traces of the virus for a long time. Considering the delivery of all products depend on logistics, the importance of transportation becomes once again clear.


The traffic across all Europe has partly stopped and the delivery of many products among them raw and staple food products are delayed. In a global world like ours is this a huge problem. This is why the delivery of vital products was ensured. Politicians in Europe are in a consensus, that a shutdown must be prevented. In doing so the spread of the virus cannot be at risk.


According to a survey held by Sarah Keller, the research expert for branches logistics and traffic in August 2020, 64% of the companies think that the Corona crisis is going to influence the logistics sector in the following three months on a song level. Whereas 9% of the companies believe that they are going to be affected in a very stong way, 27% expect only a little effect.



The logistics branch was influenced by the Corona crisis in many ways. One of the diverse problems in the sector is the ailment of workers. The truck drivers are the most important workers in the carrier system to ensure the deliveries. If the virus spreads shutdowns of whole department can occur. This can hinder the daily process of a company in a severe way. Another problem is the closure of the internal borders in the EU, which leads to cues of several miles on the borders.


There are several protection measures for workers as well as for companies. To minimize the contact, companies prefer online meetings and people forking on the field are required to wear a face mask. Moreover, if there would be a bigger shutdown, emergency plans are set for special scenarios.


All together the logistics branch is strongly influenced by the Corona crisis. Everyday there is a search for new mediums for improvements. It is sultan that the virus will dominate the economy and companies for a long time. This is why it is important that in the future companies become even more solution oriented and flexible.