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Green Logistics

Published 04 Nov 2020

Green Logistics

Green Logistics


The climate change gathers more and more attention and lies therefore more frequently in the centre of the agenda. People have to learn to live more sustainable and greener for a better future. The continuing globalization emphasizes that not only governments but also companies play a big role in the conversion to a greener world. Logistics today is across al sectors and is essential for the delivery of products. It is clear that the logistics sector is important for the conversion in all sectors.



What is green logistics?


Green logistics forecasts sustainable, environmentally friendly and resource efficient logistics processes. Therefore the logistics-strategies, -systems, -processes, and structures must be adapted into companies. This conversion is dual. On one hand harmful impacts on the environment like emission output must be reduced. On the other hand the consumption of non or partially renewable resources must decline.



Why green logistics?


There are many reasons why companies should switch to ecology oriented processes. One of the diverse motivations is the expanding change in values of customers about climate change. The awareness about climate change becomes more global and more important day by day. Companies, which become more ecological will have great benefits today and also in the future. Moreover they can decrease their costs while doing so. If you convert a company ecologically, it will save area, energy and material.



How can logistics get greener?


Especially in logistics, one of the biggest damages to the environment is the Co2 emission. There are already some companies, who use e-trucks. This saves on energy costs and is also much more sustainable.  Warehouses are also an important part of logistics. Here solar energy could be preferred for energy consumption. Furthermore, paper consumption can also be avoided in this area by giving preference to electronic platforms.


Logistics is a big part of the economy and of our enviroment. This is why the conversion of the sector is important for a better future.