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Cargo and Goods Transport Processes Abroad

Published 23 Apr 2022

Cargo and Goods Transport Processes Abroad

Cargo and Goods Transport Processes Abroad

International shipping has shown itself well in the last quarter of the 20th century and has become an indispensable part of the countries when we come to the 21st century. Throughout the history of humanity, there have always been changes between different tribes and different nations. Because, in another sense, the change has brought benefits to all the shopping parties.

In its most general definition, international transportation, which can be examined under four main transportation modes like road, air, sea and rail transportation, is one of the most important operations of the logistics industry. It is possible to transport goods and goods abroad with these four modes of transportation. The stages of the product transportation process abroad also vary according to the transportation modes. There are some points to be considered while transporting goods abroad. Considerations may also vary depending on the mods used. There are various alternatives for sending goods abroad. Among these alternatives, there is also the transportation of goods out of Jurte by ship. This transportation, which is in the group of goods transportation by sea, is frequently preferred in global operations. Thanks to maritime transport, which is one of the intercontinental methods of transporting cargo, products and goods, international goods transport operations are carried out safely.

How is International Transportation done?

International transportation consists of delivering the products to the desired point or points using one or more logistics modes. In this direction, companies that want to transport their products abroad can take the first step by choosing the most suitable transportation mode for them. If there is uncertainty about which mode of transport to use, there are planning teams for it. Then, the necessary bureaucratic processes must be completed in order for the goods to be transported abroad. The documents to be prepared in this process must also contain the approval of institutions such as the customs administration. At the same time, some required documents should also contain information about the product. For example, information such as the size, quantity, color and size of a garment sent abroad is included. In this way, it is ensured that the authorities have information about the goods transported abroad and that they comply with the standards. Invoices should be included among the documents required for transporting goods abroad. The duty of these invoices is similar to other documents.

After determining which module to transport the products that are planned to be shipped abroad, creating the route, and preparing the necessary documents, the process of loading the products remains. After the transactions in the delivery country are completed, the process of transporting goods abroad is completed.


CMR Certificate in International Road Transport

Although international transportation by road is advantageous in many ways, it also has risks and some negative aspects. One is time and the other is security. As you know, the transfer time is longer when compared to road-rail and airway. There is a possibility that a job will befall the transported material due to the traffic that will occur on the highway, the driver driving the vehicle and other external factors.

The CMR document is a document with international standards that determines the rights and responsibilities of the material transported in international land transportation, the contractor company and the loader company. The convention signed under the umbrella of the United Nations in Geneva in 1956 has been ratified by 45 countries today. Our country declared that it is a party to the CMR convention with the law enacted in 1993.


What Information Does the CMR Document Contain

Although the information that should be included in the CMR document is standardized, the document does not have a standard format. It is not obtained from any higher authority or any institution. The first condition for filling out a CMR document is that at least one of the shipper or contractor companies is a member of the CMR convention.

The information to be included in the document is the information of the exporter company, name, address, telephone, information of the importer company, name, address, telephone, the place where the goods are loaded, the date and time, the type of the goods, the number, the gross weight and the date of delivery. After adding the license plate and driver information of the carrier vehicle, the document is signed. The CMR document is issued in 3 copies. One copy remains with the importer company, one copy with the exporter company and one copy with the driver.


In Which Situations Does CMR Insurance Save Lives?

CMR insurance covers international transport by road. Therefore, for the insurance to be valid, the transfer must be made over the road. However, combined transportation can also be done, provided that the goods are not unloaded from the vehicle. In addition, the insurance may compensate the legal liabilities that will arise within the framework of the provisions of the CMR convention.

Conditions not covered by CMR insurance are transports made within the framework of international postal agreements, funeral transports, and personal belongings. Convention provisions do not cover these transports.


Damage Notice for Insured Transports

If you are doing international transportation by road and you have CMR insurance, you must inform the authorities in case of any negativity that may happen to you during the transfer. The information you need to convey to the insurance company very quickly is the policy number, then the date and time of the damage. Finally, the location and contact number of the damaged vehicle and the estimated amount of damage. You can compensate for your loss by forwarding this information to the insurance company.


How are 2022 International Home Moving Prices Determined?

Those who are about to move abroad can contact our company for the same or close dates after the date of departure from Turkey is finalized. In this way, when you reach your new home, your belongings are waiting for you in a ready condition. How much you should pay for this service will be decided as a result of the appraisal study. The number of items, distance from destination, and method of transport to be used; are some of the details that affect the price.


International Freight Forwarding

What documents are required for international transport?

Required documents

1-Copy of ID

2-Passport Copy

3- Power of Attorney (Notarized)

4-Address Information Report from the Civil Registry

5-Settlement Place and Other Address Document from the District Governor's Office

6-Flight ticket

7-residence of the destination country

The storage and distribution region of all international shipping companies is in Germany. For this reason, when calculating shipping services, it is calculated over the distance from Germany.

The most suitable price that can be given is 110 € per m3 for personal belongings.

For a price calculation, shipping companies make m3 calculations. You can use free volume calculation programs to do this at home. Transport and forwarding services are important issue that requires experience and institutional missions. It will make your job easier to get help from an expert moving company as much as possible while moving your home, workplace or office.