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Alibaba sets new steps in building a global logistics network

Published 28 Oct 2020

Alibaba sets new steps in building a global logistics network

Alibaba Group is a multinational technology company in China, with a wide range of different branches like internet, e-commerce, technology and retail. Most people know Alibaba as “AliExpress”, where one can order actually anything that occurs to mind.


The online purchase giant has now a new goal. Alibaba wants to build a global logistics network, to improve the delivery of their products.


One of the remarkable steps was that Alibaba signed a cooperation agreement with the Israeli shipping carrier Zim. This agreement was made, because the companies realized that the logistics platform of Alibaba improved after the direct interface of Zim’s platform. The giant group aims an explosive growth of the global digital trade and will offer a direct shipment option with the Zim carrier. The manager of Alibaba, Kuo Zhang emphasizes that their goal is to build a global logistics network together with Zim and other ecological partners.


Another step undertaken by Alibaba is to cooperate with Cainiao Smart Logistics network. One of the handicaps of AliExpress are the long delivery dates. With this move the company aims to shorten shipment time, especially in European countries. Therefore they developed an

intra-Europe trucking network. This will help AliExpress to deliver in three days in big European countries like, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic and in five to seven days in other European countries.


Altogether, Alibaba expands into the logistics sector with the goal of building a global network.