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24-25 June 2022: Austria Franchising Fair

Published 11 May 2022

24-25 June 2022: Austria Franchising Fair

Austria Franchising Fair

We have been living with the pandemic since the beginning of 2020. It was not only the sectors that were affected by this process. Organizations such as the fair, which took place both locally and internationally and brought together many people from different places, were canceled one by one. Afterward, although some of them started to be performed online, we can say that the chance to come together physically has just begun.

The franchise fair that will take place in Austria on 24-25 June is one of them. The Franchise Exhibition, Austria's only franchise fair, will take place at Austria Stadthalle Vienna. We wanted to share the details of the content with you.

Let's take a look at the meaning of the word franchise. Franchising is known as a contract-based, directly integrated marketing system. In this system, the franchisee of the brand makes its system and brand available to independent investors with an agreement covering certain periods, conditions, and limits.

The franchise fair to be held in Austria on 24-25 June, Austria's only franchise fair, will be held at Stadthalle Vienna under the name Franchise Exhibition Austria in English.

Many people interested in these areas visit the Austrian Franchise Fair. Offering unique opportunities to get to know franchise systems and gain new franchise partners, this fair also offers the opportunity for exhibitors to present their brands and exchange ideas with their peers in the industry. Visitors will be offered many more opportunities in Austria. At the fair, where more than 30 seminars will take place, visitors will be able to learn the tricks of branding and franchise processes from experts.

In addition, big brands and businesses that we all know well will appear as ambassadors at this fair. McDonald's, which has had more than forty franchises in Austria since 1977, is one of them. Anker and Ais Agentur are among these brands.

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