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2020: How did a year go by?

Published 30 Dec 2020

2020: How did a year go by?

2020: How did a year go by?


What happened in the world?

2020 was difficult and turbulent for the whole world. There were times when we said "Enough already!". But we did not give up and we managed to reach 2021. No matter how painful this year was, there were also good events that motivated us and made us smile. Let's remember together the most memorable ones of this year.

The crown of our list is, of course, the Covid 19 outbreak. This virus, which has affected the whole world since the beginning of the year and has seen many people fall ill or die, has made its mark in 2020. We wish a speedy recovery to all who have suffered from the coronavirus and condolences to those who have had to say goodbye to family members and friends. Continue to take precautions and follow the rules closely ... We will get over it very soon!

Our hearts burned with the forest fire that broke out in Australia and lasted 240 days. More than 1.1 billion animals died while 8 million hectares of land were destroyed. We were painfully reminded of the need to protect our natural assets. Forest fires can be prevented with small steps; we must be careful not to leave rubbish, glass and cigarette butts in forests that could cause this disaster, and we must educate our children in this direction.

Another important event is the Black Lives Matter protests in the US. These actions suddenly came to the fore in 2020. People organised and said "Stop" to a fault, and this powerful voice reverberated through the world. With these actions starting in the US and reaching European countries, we shouted again how inhumane racism is.

Joe Biden was elected as the 46th President and Kamala Harris as the first Black Vice President of the USA. As a company that values women's employment, we are pleased to see women working in all areas.

One of the good news stories of 2020 was the vaccines developed against the coronavirus. We hope to overcome the epidemic with these vaccines. Vaccination trials have already started in some countries. As a Frachtbox, we thank all health professionals, those who have contributed to the development of vaccines and reached the masses.


What has Frachtbox accomplished?

Although there have been some obstacles in our path this year, we have managed to turn them in our favour. With our team, whose number of employees we have now quadrupled, we have achieved many successes.

In particular, we have taken new steps to increase customer satisfaction and quality of experience. We have set up a dedicated call center for cargo owners and strengthened this service with the live support button we have added to our website. This means all our users can contact us by phone, email and live support button. This application has enabled us to deliver a large number and different types of freight to our members. Thanks to our innovations, we have been able to increase the number of users by 90% compared to previous periods. With the increase of import and export companies having access to Frachtbox, our recognition has increased along with our members' customer portfolio. As a result, our success has spread and contributed to the expansion of our network in many sectors. We have also established a logistics support team for our partners and ensured that they match the most appropriate cargoes for them. To this end, we have set up a system that takes into account the specific transport requests of cargo owners and lists carriers for these requests when searching for quotes.

In the past, we were mainly focused on road transport, but not limited to it. We have since conducted various studies to develop ourselves in sea and air transport as well.

We have been very active in using our social media accounts this year to share developments and improvements with you and get your feedback. Our aim is to accurately introduce you to Frachtbox and create useful content for our followers. We are pleased to see that the popularity of these messages, which we publish on our website and parallel to our social media accounts, is increasing day by day and is followed with interest. We carefully prepare our articles by following the agendas and developments in the logistics world for you. If you haven't read our previous posts, we encourage you to check out the others after reviewing this one 

As Frachtbox family, we are very sensitive to gender discrimination and do our best to be more balanced. As we have grown our team, we have given importance to this issue. We would like to proudly point out that 60% of our employees are women.


Social responsibility

Our social responsibility projects are essential and make us happy. We believe that everyone, big or small, can do something about these issues. With the outbreak of the pandemic, we donated disinfectants to LÖSEV in March. As part of "8 March Women's Day", we donated to the "Contemporary Life Support Association" on behalf of our staff. On 2 April, World Autism Awareness Day, we supported by wearing blue and turning our logo blue for the day. One of our goals for 2021 is to focus on social responsibility activities. We believe that even a small step can change a lot...


Frachtbox in the press

This year, Frachtbox has been the subject of many news sites. Intermodal & Logistics Magazine, one of the most prestigious logistics magazines in Romania, featured Frachtbox in its March-April issue. In addition, news about us was published in local and foreign media organisations such as Lojiport, Kamyonum, Aeroportist, Yeşil Lojistikçiler, bzBasel, Devir Saati, Dünya Newspaper, Lojiyol, Transmedya, Aktüel Gazete and Ekovitrin.


Trade fairs

As Frachtbox team, we participated in many events and fairs this year. Among them, we can mention the following: 9 January Junioshow Bursa 14th International Baby and Children's Supplies Fair; 10 January Conference entitled "New Trends in E-commerce Logistics" prepared by Yeditepe University Logistics Club; 17 January Leshow Istanbul Leather & Fashion Fair; 23. January CNR İMOB-International Furniture Fair Istanbul; 11 February Heavy Load Summit organised by TAID, TREDER and ARÜSDER; 30 September, UTA 5th Business and Logistics Summit; 18 November MUSIAD Expo Fair; 30 November WorldFood Istanbul International Food Products and Technologies Fair, the largest meeting place of the food industry. At these events we had the opportunity to meet global companies, contact representatives from different industries and expand our communication network.


Universities and career days

This year we attended the career days of Yeditepe University on 3 March and Kadir Has University on 11 March. We offered the students we met at these events the opportunity to do an internship at our company and even join our permanent staff. Furthermore, we have donated educational loans from Udemy Academy to our interns to support the development of young people at the beginning of their careers. This way, they can both expand and contribute their knowledge to Frachtbox. Interning or working at Frachtbox, both a privilege!


News from our branch

One of the most radical decisions we made for our branch in 2020 was to move to Kadıköy. We carefully furnished our new office, taking into account the needs of our employees. This made it a comfortable workspace.

We are aware of the danger of Covid-19. We were very sensitive about the measures taken during the epidemic process and we continue this sensitivity. As part of the measures we have taken, one third of our teammates are currently working from home. We aim to minimise the possibility of transmitting the virus by reducing the number of staff in the office. Since the beginning of the epidemic, we have always kept masks and disinfectants on hand for the hygiene and health of our team, for those who continue to work in the office. On 26 October, we had a PCR test for our entire team as a precaution.

To improve the quality of the services we provide, we cover the cost of training our staff in their own teaching areas. This year, Merve Öztiryaki completed "Digital and Social Media Marketing Management Certificate Programme" at Istanbul Technical University and Furkan Çetükkaya completed "Datacamp Training" at Boğaziçi University. We are aware of the importance of being open to innovation, developing skills and constantly learning in the 21st century where the production of knowledge is so fast.

In addition to our achievements and developments this year, we have also been doing fun and creative work. We know that in our country of establishment it is quite difficult to pronounce the word Frachtbox. To turn this situation into an entertaining video, we conducted street interviews entitled: "How is Frachtbox pronounced?" and had our brand name read. We had a lot of fun filming; we think you will also smile while watching.

We organised happy hours on some Fridays without endangering our staff, taking our precautions. On such days we had the opportunity to increase the motivation of our team and to get to know each other better.


Our goals and plans for 2021

We achieve to be the most popular freight search engine in the world and work hard to achieve it. Expanding our routes worldwide, reaching more users, staying in close contact with you through our blog and social media accounts, increasing the number of our social responsibility projects and, above all, protecting our health are some of our other goals.

Of course, there are activities we have already planned for next year. We will participate in the live broadcast "Start Up" prepared by Yeditepe University on 7 January 2021. On 10 January, we will be the live broadcast guest of Bursa University of Technology on the same topic.

Despite the obstacles of 2020, our motivation for next year is very high. We hope that 2021 will be a peaceful, happy, successful, but most of all healthy year for all of us.


Happy New Year!

Frachtbox Team